3 Ideas to Maximize Your Productivity

It isn’t always easy being productive. Whether your mind is in a different place, you’re too overwhelmed to know where to begin, or you’re simple lacking the motivation to commit, it’s all too easy to lose one, two, or even three hours of your workday to procrastination and inefficiency. Rather than wasting valuable time and suffering the consequences, utilize these ideas to maximize your productivity at work.


Give Yourself Regular Breaks

This might seem like a strange way to begin improving productivity, but the majority of workers struggle to remain productive because their brains and bodies want to focus on other tasks. You can overcome this problem by granting yourself a five minute break every 30-60 minutes. Knowing that a break is coming will encourage you to stay on-track and push through until “break time”, and you will then have a structured way to briefly focus on other priorities like grabbing a snack or answering text messages. When you return to your task, you’ll feel motivated to continue.


Minimize Interruptions

Technology is wonderful, but the interruptions they provide have the potential to completely derail your work. Turn off notifications and sound on your phone and computer so that you can get into a groove and complete your work without distraction. Devise a designated time to check your messages so that you can still respond in a timely manner without hurting your productivity. If your interruptions come in the form of workplace noise and banter, try using headphones and white noise.


Track Your Time on Task

Studies show that less than 20 percent of people are able to correctly estimate the passage of time. This means you might think you only spent 10 minutes sidetracked in conversation when 25 minutes has actually elapsed. This can be dangerous for your productivity since you can all too easily waste critical work time. Try using a tool like Rescue Time to track how much time you spend on your tasks like word processing, email, and social media. Evaluating your use of time could help you identify the best ways to rearrange your schedule to boost productive time on task.
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