Tips For Leading an Engaging and Productive Workplace Meeting

Whether in the morning, afternoon, or early evening, conference room meetings suffer from a poor reputation that leads most employees to dread them and even avoid them at all costs. But meetings are critical to a company’s overall cohesion and provide many valuable opportunities, so why do they have such a bad rap? More than anything else, many meets are poorly organized, too long, and dominated by only the loudest voices in the room. In order to gather your employees in the conference room for a meeting that encourages positivity and reaches its goals in record time, try utilizing these tips.


Begin With a Clear Objective

Without an overall goal, a meeting will float aimlessly until all employees are left feeling frustrated and confused. If you are leading the meeting, write the objective down for all attendees to see, and state it simply at the beginning of the meeting. This will infuse the meeting with a direct sense of purpose and give you a launching point.


Create an Agenda, Then Stick to It

If you love making lists, this step will come naturally. If not, determining an agenda might take more time. Either way, actually write down each step you want to reach during the meeting you are leading. Keep a copy in front of you during the meeting and pass it out to all participants. This will give you a sense of structure and a way to redirect if the meeting goes too far into left field.


Don’t Mess With Time

Many employees enter meetings feeling wary, because they are concerned that the meeting will monopolize more of their day than they can afford. By starting at the designated time an ending promptly, you can earn the trust of your colleagues and help them feel less guarded in future meetings. Experts recommend that no meeting, regardless of its purpose, should last longer than one hour. Beyond sixty minutes, employees begin to feel anxious, bored, and distracted.

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